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This section of the website will be devoted to discussion of various issues within martial arts and self defense. At times, specific techniques will be discussed in detail. At times I may mount my high horse and discuss issues or news that really bother me. This section is also where I will post answers to some of the questions that are posed to me by users of this website. Not all questions will be answered here, as I will only post questions and answers which I feel will be of interest or assistance to other readers of the website, and not just the individual posing the question. I will try to answer most other questions via direct email to the individual posing the question. I do not promise to answer all questions, however, as, depending on the volume of emails I receive, family and work issues, I may not be able to respond to all questions and emails. I will do the best that I can. Certain things are going to remain completely unaddressed in this area or through individual email. I will not discuss weapon disarms or retention, terminal techniques, or techniques that destroy joints, break bones or otherwise maim a human being. Without a face-to-face student relationship, giving me a chance to vet the student and determine the character, temperament, and ethics of the student, I do not choose to risk imparting knowledge to someone who may misuse it.

Tuhan Holloway, November, 2006

Rant 8 - January 2010

When to Use Force to Defend Yourself and How Much Force Do You Need to Use?
This particular document was written at the request of a friend. He is an intelligent man who has knocked around the world a bit and, in general, knows how to handle himself in a variety of situations. He travels frequently for work and has moved his place of residence a time or two. Due to differences in the laws of various states in the United States of America, federal law, and local law and ordinances at the county and municipal levels, he asked me to provide a bit of general guidance on what to do if he needed to defend himself, and how to deal with the aftermath and possible repercussions of any use of force. ›› more

Rant 9 - January 2010

The Truth about Training and Ignorance Concerning Instructors
Having practiced martial arts for a few decades and earned my daily bread for the last several years as a law enforcement officer, it would be a severe understatement to say that I have been involved in a few or more training classes, both as student and as instructor. I have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in quite a few “real world” situations in which I have had opportunity to apply and test my training. Based on my training and experience, I have a few comments regarding instructors, students, and statements I have heard or read in the last several months. ›› more

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