Albo Kali Silat - Photo Gallery

The defender, walking through an alley, notices two men waiting at the end of the alley.
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A useful grip for the combative use of the small knife and one of the primary grips utilized in Albo Kali Silat, the grip depicted is the Cancer (for the Zodiac sign) or crab/pincer grip. ›› View Series 2

Leaving his apartment and negotiating a flight of stairs attempting to gain access to the side exit of his building, the defender is accosted by a man with a cocked handgun (a Colt 10mm Delta Elite semiautomatic pistol).
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The defender is walking toward the corner of a building, scanning the environment for any threats. Hidden and waiting around the corner is an attacker with a club, an ASP steel baton. ›› View Series 4

Walking down a hallway, the defender is confronted by a man with a large knife (a Spyderco Rock Salt).
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While walking up a staircase, the defender is accosted by a robber who displays a handgun shoved into the waistband of his trousers and demands money. ›› View Series 6

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