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Spyderco Schempp Tuff - November 2012
Video Review of the Spyderco Schempp Tuff designed by Ed Schempp. ›› more

Part 1 - Knife Design and Feature Review
Part 2 - Combat and Cutting Demonstration

Albo Kali Silat Basic Unarmed Work Against the Knife - May 2011
This video demonstrates some basic body mechanics and principles involved in defending oneself against a knife attack while unarmed. The sensitivity and flow drills shown are designed to teach the correct body mechanics necessary for controlling the opponent's knife hand, and to introduce the concept of entering against the opponent. The goal for this video was to introduce basic concepts to those who had little experience working unarmed against a blade. The video is also a good review for the more advanced student. ›› more

Ed Schempp Balance: Small Claw for Self-Defense - October 2010
The Ed Schempp designed Balance, produced by Spyderco, is an interesting little knife of the type generally classified as a "gentleman's knife." It is very small, with a blade that is two inches long, and a cutting edge of one and one quarter inches. It is equipped with carbon fiber handle scales and a liner lock. The choil, being designed as a resting place for the forefinger, assists in keeping the blade from closing on the operator's finger even in the event of a failure of the liner lock, and also assists greatly in control and handling of the knife. ›› more

Sparring with Limited Footwork - June 2010
This video was filmed in response to some questions that I had receive regarding the relevance of some hubud and other Filipino martial arts drills that are taught in Albo Kali Silat and, to one degree or another, in many other Filipino Martial Art systems. Some students of other martial arts who have not trained with me had asked if such drills prepared a person for live sparring and, even more importantly, for real combat. ›› more

Power Generation at Close Range - May 2010
I have had many questions from various students in seminars, law enforcement training, and other training sessions, concerning how I am able to move them around and hit with power from close range or unexpected angles. I explain the various principles behind balance disruption to them, and then I try to explain power generation. Many students have asked for a video that they could study and use as a reference point when training in close quarter striking and power generation. This video is an explanation on ways to generate power in striking and pushing. ›› more

Heavy Bladed Chopping Knives - March 2010
I had a few requests to demonstrate combative uses for heavy bladed chopping knives, particularly khukuris. Since many people like very sturdy, thick spined, and heavy bladed knives for use in the woods and outdoors, or for other chopping and cutting tasks, I decided that showing some martial uses for such a blade might be interesting to more than the few people who had requested such a video. ›› more

Emerson Folding Karambit Training Knife and Ed Schempp Titanium Prybar - August 2009
It seems that, in some circles, I am known as a “karambit guy.” I have been asked my opinion, on several occasions, regarding various karambits, have been interviewed regarding the karambit by a writer for the Russian knife magazine, Prorez, and have discussed karambit designs with a custom knife maker or two. People ask me questions on how to use a karambit, and, of course, the Internet being the Internet, I get a few people telling me that I do not know what I am doing and that in their “super secret squirrel” training they have clearly demonstrated that XYZ, which I seem to favor, does not work ever. This is, of course, always news to me, since, in real combat, nothing always works, and very few things never work. ›› more

Non-Locking Folding Knives (Slipjoints) - July 2009
I have had several people ask me about the use of a folding knife for self-defense. I have also had some criticize the carrying of a folding knife, stating that fixed blade knives are superior to folding knives in strength and for use in combat. Of course, I agree that a fixed blade is in many ways superior to a folding knife. However, most fixed blades are more difficult to carry around in an urban environment, especially without raising a few eyebrows and perhaps attracting some unwanted attention. ›› more

Low Level Work - July 2009
I have already filmed a few videos dealing with fighting in the vertical plane, changing levels of elevation, and working down low against the opponent’s legs and other low level targets. A couple of my students, however, stated that the videos that had been filmed did not show the speed of the movement that can be possible at low level or how much distance can be covered while down low and attacking an opponent. ›› more

Unarmed Demonstration - April 2009
Recently, during the course of taking some photographs for an article that will be published in the summer of 2009 in the Russian knife magazine, Prorez, several students of the Warren Budokan and I were able to use a school building and its grounds as a setting for the photographs. We had two or three digital still cameras to record the photographs, along with several knives, an ASP baton, and a handgun along to use as props for the photos, as the article will deal with the defensive use of small bladed knives. Of particular interest to the Russian author, Dmitry Samoylov, who is writing the article was how to use such blades against someone dressed in heavy or winter clothing. ›› more

Spyderco Barong - January 2009
This video is a demonstration of some of the features and capabilities of the Spyderco Barong folding knife designed by Ed Schempp. I filmed this video shortly after breaking a bone in my right hand while training in Albo Kali Silat, so all of the techniques shown in this video are demonstrated with my left, non-dominant, hand. It was a good opportunity to show how important it is to be able to use both hands well if one is to be competent in self-defense and be able to continue to fight despite injuries. ›› more

Apohan Tuhan Albo and Tuhan Holloway Video - August 2008
This video was filmed in early 2006. Apohan Tuhan Hasting Albo and I had been filmed on a few occasions while conducting demonstrations but had never secured a copy from the television crews or private individuals doing the filming. During one of our early morning training sessions, Apohan Tuhan Albo decided that, since I was soon going to be moving from Texas in order to accept a promotion, we should film some stick, knife, and empty hand work. None of this was scripted, we just flowed and the techniques came together as necessary. ›› more

The Spyderco Rock Salt Fixed Blade - August 2008
I have had a request or three to do some work with a large fixed blade. I recently acquired a Spyderco Rock Salt with a six and three-quarter-inch blade. The knife is nearly eleven inches in overall length. In modern America, that qualifies as quite a large knife. ›› more

Drawing a Folding Knife and Deploying the Blade - August 2008
Drawing a folding knife and opening up the blade under stress, as in somebody is attacking you, can be difficult. Doing these tasks in a reliable, repeatable manner and with at least a modicum of speed can be very difficult. As in all things, it is important to work on technique/form prior to adding speed. ›› more

Cutting Instruction Video - July 2008
Cutting an object is generally a simple enough task, given the correct tool for the job. A sharp knife is very useful for everyday cutting chores, which is why this particular tool was created, carried, and utilized by mankind for the last several thousand years. ›› more

Pakal Edge In Critique - June 2008
The pakal or reverse grip/icepick grip has currently become the next big ne plus ultra ultimate fighting technique in the Internet forums and Commando Chatrooms. I have been around the martial arts long enough to know that the my knife fighting grip is so superior to your knife fighting grip stuff is cyclical, as is the striking versus grappling versus flavor-of-the-year art debate. ›› more

Improvised Weapons - 2 Web Movies - June 2008
Many Albo Kali Silat techniques can be applied with various improvised weapons, as is the case with most forms of kali. Improvised weapons usage occurs when stick, knife, flexible weapon, and empty hand techniques are applied and used to enable items not normally considered weapons to be used in combat.
›› more

Blitz Attack Demonstration, 2 Videos - December 2007
One of the primary concerns of people who are interested in self defense is how to defend against an attacker who is committed and who continually presses a brutal attack whether the intended victim of the attack resists or not. This attack is labeled the blitz, committed, or real attack in many discussions of self defense. ›› more

Punyo Techniques Demonstration Video - November 2007
This video begins with a demonstration of various techniques utilizing the punyo or butt of the baston (escrima stick). ›› more

Low Level vs. Standing Attacker, 2 Videos - November 2007
One of the hallmarks of Albo Kali Silat is the ability to fight in the vertical, as well as horizontal planes. A good practitioner of Albo Kali Silat should be adept at going from long, to medium, to short range combat, and in going from high to low level attacks. ›› more

More Karambit Videos - November 2007
Previously, my student, Chris, and I have done some video regarding the karambit. A friend and frequent viewer of this site requested some additional karambit footage, and hopefully he and the others who view this footage are pleased with the result. ›› more

Folding Knife Series, 3 Videos- July 2007
The Spyderco Kris, designed by Ed Schempp, is the official knife of Albo Kali Silat. The knife was chosen as the official knife by Apohan Tuhan Hasting Albo due to the fact that it was a very high quality, folding kris and the design thus provided a link to Filipino culture and heritage while lending itself to multiple uses in kali. ›› more

Espada y Daga Series, 4 Videos - July 2007
The barong is a Filipino short sword or long knife, depending on your perspective. The two barongs shown in this video are from Cas Iberia, are made in the Philippines, and are sharp. ›› more

The Karambit Series, 4 Videos - May 2007
I have been asked a few questions by my students and others lately about karambit knives. These hook bladed, claw knives with the finger hole at the end of the handle have become very popular. ›› more

Knife Flow Series Video - December, 2006
The Knife Flow Series was filmed in December 2006. This video is narrated. ›› more

Low Level Series Video - November, 2006
One of the hallmarks of Albo Kali Silat is the ability to conduct low level, mid level and high level attacks and defenses, and to flow between the levels with ease. The series of moves depicted is predominantly low level. ›› more

Sinawali Demonstration Video - September, 2006
This video is a demonstration of sinawali or interweaving techniques. Sinawali is a pattern and flow drill that has many applications in stick, knife, and empty hand combat. ›› more

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