About Tuhan Holloway and the West Virginia Albo Kali Silat Academy

The title of Tuhan, or Master Instructor, was given to Jon Holloway by Apohan Tuhan, or Grandmaster (Head of System), Hasting Albo in early 2006, prior to Holloway's departure from El Paso, Texas. Tuhan Holloway has studied the martial arts, in various forms, for nearly three decades. Several years study of Aikido/Aikijujitsu and other Japanese Arts were followed by an intensive immersion in Filipino fighting arts. The focus of Holloway's training has always been on MARTIAL Art, rather than Martial ART. The beauty of an art, the fact that strength, flexibility, self-discipline and other benefits can be gained from the study of an art, and the other myriad benefits that can accrue, are all important and are not lost on Tuhan Holloway. However, Holloways primary focus has never been on kata competition, tournaments, beauty and/or gymnastic ability, or exercise, but on self-defense and combative use. Hard training and traditional methods of instruction are endorsed by Holloway. Train very hard and fight relatively easily is the mantra.

Tuhan Holloway has experience and training in various armed and unarmed combatives, to include fighting with firearms and the subduing of combative subjects in order to conduct arrests. Tuhan Holloway has been a law enforcement officer for over 20 years. The ability to test and apply his martial arts training in real world, force-on-force encounters has proven very valuable.

Tuhan Holloway established a small training academy in Bridgeport, West Virginia while residing near that area. Upon his departure to establish a new residence and training cadre in the Youngstown, Ohio area, he designated his senior student as the primary instructor for the West Virginia Albo Kali Silat Academy. The full training in Albo Kali Silat is available to only a select cadre of students and enrollment is strictly limited. All potential Albo Kali Silat students will be interviewed and will be accepted as probationary students following a satisfactory conclusion of the interview, if there is currently space available at the academy for new student enrollment. Those interested in training in Albo Kali Silat at the West Virginia Academy should contact Assistant Guro Joe Lewis, at ag_joe_lewis@albokalisilat.org. Tuhan Holloway does return to West Virginia on an ongoing basis to continue the training of the students at that academy and will, from time to time, conduct a women's self defense, law enforcement, or other seminar at the West Virginia Albo Kali Silat Academy.

The cost of training is nominal. For those select few who join the West Virginia Albo Kali Silat Academy as full-fledged students of the art of Albo Kali Silat, the training will be intense, it will be difficult, and you will pay for your skills not with money, but in sweat and the blood of bruises and abrasions. Please note that all classes and seminars are for adults over 18 years old only, due to the effective, combative nature of Albo Kali Silat and the techniques that are taught.

The current monthly monetary cost to attend the Academy as a student of Albo Kali Silat is $35.00. Students will be required to purchase a uniform, consisting of a T-shirt and gi pants, a pair of garrotes or fighting sticks and a Spyderco Delica or Endura training (non-sharpened) knife. All of these items must be acquired prior to completion of probationary status, and will be available at discounted, nominal prices. Law enforcement and womens self-defense seminars will be periodically scheduled, depending on demand, availability of the instructor and assistants, and availability of training space. Each of the seminars will be priced individually, but every effort will be made to keep the price very reasonable.

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