Albo Arnis

Martial arts training for children can have many benefits. Socialization skills, body mechanics and motion, flexibility, self discipline, self confidence, and mental focus can all be improved through participation in martial arts. For children, the focus should not be on realistic self defense training, but on exercise, proper body motion and mechanics, discipline and focus, and having fun.

Albo Arnis is based on the Albo Kali Silat curriculum, but is tailored for children. Combat mind set, and the deadly skills of Albo Kali Silat are not taught. Children learn basic body motions, striking, parrying and blocking techniques, stances, and the like, with an emphasis on self-development, as described above. Stick or garotte techniques are taught, but with a padded garotte. No knife instruction is given. Instruction is much less rigid than would be the case in adult classes. Children must have fun in a class, or they will not want to attend the class.

Please contact Assistant Guro Joe Lewis at in regard to information on class scheduling and availability. Cost of the training is $25.00 per month. A black student uniform, white belt, and garotte (stick) must also be purchased. The uniform, belt and garotte are available at nominal cost through the Albo Kali Silat Academy, or the parent may purchase an identical uniform, belt and garotte from another source. There are no testing fees charged, nor is there a contract.

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