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Albo Kali Silat - Recommended Links, Jon Holloway Archive Feature Black Belt Magazine is a journal dedicated to providing articles on a variety of martial arts topics. Albo Kali Silat was featured in the February 2009 issue of Black Belt.

Spyderco makes some of the best knives on the planet, period. Tuhan Holloway has long utilized Spyderco knives. The design, fit and finish, outstanding customer service, and a lifetime warranty that is seldom needed but always honored by the company, are just some of the reasons that Albo Kali Silat practitioners are normally seen with Spyderco knives in their pockets. Spyderco makes some of the finest folding training knives that it is possible to purchase, and, since Albo Kali Silat training involves learning to access and deploy a folding knife under stress, the use of folding training knives is mandatory. Spyderco products are highly recommended and are featured in many Albo Kali Silat videos.

Tuhan Holloway's Ohio based Albo Kali Silat classes are taught at Warren Budokan facilities and with the assistance of Warren Budokan's members. Their site is well worth checking out. If you are located near Warren, Ohio and wish to train in Aikido or Kenpo rather than Albo Kali Silat, good instruction in these arts is available from some of the highly skilled members of the Warren Budokan. The FMATalk forum is an online gathering place for those interested in the Filipino, Indonesian, and Malaysian martial arts. Members on the site range from beginning students to masters who head their own martial arts systems. The forum is normally very polite and much information is available. This is the homepage of Chad Los Banos, a talented knife designer, martial artist, and correctional officer on the Big Island of Hawaii. Chad designed the Spyderco Lava and several knives for Boker U.S.A. Tuhan Holloway has reviewed several of Chad's designs and is always looking forward to putting the latest Los Banos blade through its paces. All of Chad Los Banos' designs can be seen on this site. You are sure to find something that you will like there. Sign the guestbook while there and tell Chad what you like about his designs, then visit your favorite Internet knife outlet and buy something you found interesting when looking at Chad's site. You won't be disappointed. This site provides the user the ability to search for goods and services in locations throughout the United States. For example, a Google search for "martial arts in West Virginia" will direct the searcher to where the searcher will find Albo Kali Silat listed. can, of course, be searched directly from as well. will link your website to its search results if you provide a link on your site to Several inquiries from potential students have resulted from the Albo Kali Silat link to Common Sense Self Defense Street Combat is Guro Bram Frank's system. Bram is a highly talented martial artist, instructor, and knife designer. His Gunting series of knives, including the new Lapu Lapu line, are marvelously combat effective. Guro Bram is available for seminars when not instructing at his academies in Florida or teaching military and law enforcement throughout the United States and the world at large. The CSSDSC system is designed for rapid learning of effective techniques and features use of a folding knife as an impact tool as well as a cutting implement. Tuhan Holloway has many Gunting knives and has used a Gunting trainer in many videos. Apohan Tuhan Albo was always highly complimentary of Guro Bram Frank's skills. Albo Kali Silat and Guro Bram Frank's teachings have quite a few similarities and the CSSDC system is highly recommended to those who may be going into harm's way in the near future and need workable, effective techniques "right now."

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